SNAP! That’ll be the Ankle Then!

It's Bust!

Been toying with this blog for a while but never have the time to sit down and think about it properly. Too busy out riding my bike to sit down and write about it as well.

However it turns out I now have some spare time on my hands. Whilst riding a West Midlands League cyclo-cross race in early January the bike slipped away from me on a slow speed muddy corner. Now either I was late getting my foot out to dab it down and correct the slide I’ll never know, but fall I did and the point I heard the dry snap followed by the wave of intense pain I knew straight away what I’d done. As did the marshals nearby. Forty years of cycling with many falls and this is my first broken bone.

Marshals and paramedics at the event were all absolute stars! As was the A&E department at the Alexandria Hospital in Redditch. In plaster within 45 minutes of being wheeled into A&E. Dislocated ankle and broken the Fib in three places; surgery the next day to put two screws into the left side of the ankle. Now facing 6 weeks in plaster and no weight bearing during that period.

Two and half weeks in and back for the first check up to be told that the ankle has shifted and may now screws in the other side to further stabilise the ankle. The annual trip to Mallorca in 10 weeks time looks decidedly iffy.

Caught up on the UCI Cyclo-Cross videos and already going stir crazy and working out how soon I can get back on my bike!!

My challenge now is to be fully fit for a road trip to Mount Ventoux in September!

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