SETBACK: Another Ankle Op Needed

So another operation was required fix the Talo-Fibular ligament. Turns out this was damaged as well during the accident and isn’t strong enough to hold the Fibular against the Tibula. This results in movement outwards of the Talus which could lead to problems later on. The Talus had already moved 1mm and apparently this single mm is enough to cause an increase of 40% in pressure on the cartilage between the Talus and the Fibula. To resolve this a couple of temporary screws (Syndosmotic Screw) have been put in to hold the Fibula against the Tibula whilst the ligament heals.

This means another 6 weeks in a cast before a boot is fitted for  a further 2 weeks at which point some ankle flexibility exercises can begin. All of this is non-weight bearing. Once the 8 weeks is up the screws will be removed and finally I’ll be able to put weight on the ankle and hopefully be able to thing about turning some pedals!

In the meantime the physio has give me some exercises to prevent muscle lose and ensure I don’t lose movement in the knee since that won’t be being used either in the 8 weeks.

Feels like a long road back to recovery at the moment!

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