About The Everyday Cyclist

Profile PictureFirstly, let’s get this straight – I don’t actually cycle every day, so strictly speaking I’m not an “everyday” cyclist!

I cycle a lot, yes; all year round, yes; but not every day.

I got the bug when I was 12; well I was bribed by my dad, a long time cyclist who cycled well into his 80’s. I wanted a “racing bike” for my 12th birthday and he said “Yes – on condition you join a cycling club to learn how to ride properly!“. At the time I didn’t know what that really meant or entailed, but I wanted the bike so I said yes and was promptly enrolled into the Lincoln Wheelers Cycling Club. Having moved away from Lincoln 20+ years ago I am now a member of the Coalville Wheelers Cycling Club, another club with a great membership and great history.

Over the years (I’m 53 now) I have tried my hand at most forms of cycling – Road, Time Trialling (Testing), Track, Grass Track, Cyclo-Cross, Mountain Biking, both competitively and non competitively. I also try to cycle commute to wherever I’m working – I work as a Freelance Project Manager and I’m a Freelance Professional Sailor.

My favourite competitive discipline is Cyclo-Cross, this is what I have gone back to time and time again and, after an 18 year lay-off, returned again to it this last season. Even in the over 50’s it is still fiercely competitive!

A close second is the annual trip to Majorca……….

As with most passionate cyclists I enforce the N+1 rule religiously. I daren’t say how many bikes I actually own as it may breach the S-1 rule…….

Oh, I’m also a great stalwart of riding a fixed gear. I have a fixie for my commuting bike and all of my fastest time trials have been recorded on a fixed gear of around 96”. I put this down to the fact that I only have one gear so don’t lose time worrying about what gear I should be in. I just have to make do with the one I’ve selected before I start.