SETBACK: Another Ankle Op Needed

So another operation was required fix the Talo-Fibular ligament. Turns out this was damaged as well during the accident and isn’t strong enough to hold the Fibular against the Tibula. This results in movement outwards of the Talus which could lead to problems later on. The Talus had already moved 1mm and apparently this single mm is enough to cause an increase of 40% in pressure on the cartilage between the Talus and the Fibula. To resolve this a couple of temporary screws (Syndosmotic Screw) have been put in to hold the Fibula against the Tibula whilst the ligament heals.

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SNAP! That’ll be the Ankle Then!

It's Bust!

Been toying with this blog for a while but never have the time to sit down and think about it properly. Too busy out riding my bike to sit down and write about it as well.

However it turns out I now have some spare time on my hands. Whilst riding a West Midlands League cyclo-cross race in early January the bike slipped away from me on a slow speed muddy corner. Now either I was late getting my foot out to dab it down and correct the slide I’ll never know, but fall I did and the point I heard the dry snap followed by the wave of intense pain I knew straight away what I’d done. As did the marshals nearby. Forty years of cycling with many falls and this is my first broken bone.

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